At BettencourtFG, we emphasize the value of having an annuity. It lets you live comfortably during old age, regardless of inflation and the increase in the cost of living. It helps keep the money safe while you wait for your retirement. If you are still confused about what to do with your 401k plan, we suggest putting your hard-earned money in an annuity because it guarantees the return of investment.

Additional Perks of Rolling Your 401k into an Annuity

  • It lets you save for retirement while assuring that you get a dependable income afterward. You can count on a set payment during your retirement period. This applies to fixed annuities.

  • You have the freedom to select an annuity that will pay you until you or your spouse dies. Much like life insurance policies, this is one of the advantages of getting an immediate annuity.

  • You can take a shot at capital appreciation aside from having a guaranteed income until your advanced years. This is possible through variable annuities, which give investors the freedom to select from several mutual funds.

  • It can benefit your loved ones, should you wish to have an annuity that comes with death benefits.

  • It does not pressure you to make significant investment decisions, unlike an individual retirement account (IRA).

What to Consider Before Rolling Over Your 401K Plan

Finding a retirement planning company to help you accomplish this is a major decision. It should be carefully chosen because your 401k plan depends on it. The company should be able to assist you in finding good choices in your state. Our company, for instance, helps our clients in getting the best 401k rollover options in Arizona.

Arizona is a highly liveable city, and this already explains why a lot of people choose to settle here until the old age. Regarding weather, well-being, and health care quality, Arizona qualifies as a good place for retirement. But when it comes to taxes, it is a bit on the bottom part of the list of the best places for retirees.

If you are planning to still reside in Arizona after giving up work, you have to be prepared for the taxes that may come with your 401k distributions. Aside from taxes, the risks of a market downturn can also have a negative impact on your plan. Prevent these drawbacks from happening by growing your money with an investment strategy.

Should you need a simple and straightforward annuity, we suggest taking a fixed annuity. It does not pay the highest, but it comes with fewer fees. You don’t need to sacrifice the principal or wait too long for you to start enjoying your income.

Take a look at your annuity options and base it on your own needs and goals. Contact the BettencourtFG to learn how we can help you find the best 401k rollover options in Arizona. We have financial advisors who can assist in you narrowing down for your annuity options based on your individual situation.

Best 401k Rollover Options Arizona