We are a dedicated team of professionals united in our mission to shape the future of the insurance industry.

In this ever-evolving landscape, we are at the forefront, innovating and adapting to offer secure, user-centric solutions. Our diverse perspectives fuel our passion for harnessing technology and insights, paving the way for a safer, more resilient tomorrow.

Together, we are crafting insurance products that anticipate and meet the nuanced needs of individuals and businesses alike, fostering a world where security and peace of mind are within everyones reach

Founded Bettencourt Group

Started our journey to redefine the insurance sector, leveraging years of expertise to build trust and ensure security.

Strategic Growth and Evolution

Decades of dedication, adaptation, and building a reliable foundation in the insurance domain.

Established Tech Hub in Berlin

A significant step in innovation, initiating technological advancements to modernize insurance solutions.

Innovation and Marketing Drive

Kick-started an aggressive phase of innovation and outreach, aiming to reshape the insurance landscape.

Your future is our business.

Our track record of success is our greatest testament. With a legacy built on innovation and customer satisfaction, we let our accomplishments do the talking.


Years of experience

Solid Trust, Proven Security.
Your peace of mind, safeguarded by nearly half a century of expertise. Choose reliability, choose us.

$2.1 billions

In our hands, your prosperity isn't just promised, it's proven. Entrusted with safeguarding over $2 billion, we are your fortress of reliability and financial resilience. Experience the trust that billions embody. Choose us, and solidify your tomorrow, today.

Tech Hub

Berlin / Germany

Strategic Technological Investments: fortifying our Foundation and leading a wave of innovative breakthroughs in the Insurance Sector, our commitment to spearheading a new era of innovation within the insurance sector is solid. Through this initiative, we are crafting future-proof solutions today, redefining security and assurance for a modern world.

Embracing the challenges of today's dynamic world, we're spearheading transformative change in the insurance industry. Through relentless innovation, we're reimagining the boundaries of what's possible. With every product we craft and every solution we offer, we aim to bridge the gap between risk and security, ensuring a future where every individual and business thrives with confidence and assurance.

Norman Wagner
Principal of Bettencourt Group and Angel Investor

Our customers love us

“Excellent service and was a great experience. They have good communication and are knowledgeable agents in financial advisory.”

Marcy C.
Excellent Service

“They have an experienced team which helped me with my insurance needs. Norman was great to work with. Thanks!”

Brianna B.
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